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To register, please check your first and second choice for your child(ren) to attend art class at These Days Studio.


I require a minimum of 4 students for me to run a class, and I will not put more than 8 children into studio at a time.  I will email you the class section your child(ren) are “assigned to” by August 8.  To confirm their enrolment, please Venmo the class supplies and tuition fee by Thurs., Aug. 3, 2023.

I offer a discount to Homeschool students, as well as one for more than one child from a family.  There are 9 classes on weekday afternoons.  I also give a discount if you sign up and pay for the entire first semester.  

The first quarter starts on Tues. Aug 15, 2023.  I let students make up missed days in classes of less than 8, or I can refund for up to 2 missed classes per quarter.

Put a 1 (1st) or 2 (2nd) in the appropriate box for your child(ren)

First choice
Second choice
Tuition fee

Thanks for submitting!

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