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Paint Brush


Classes and tutoring may be arranged to suit yours, 
and Elizabeth's schedule.  Please write to her.


Tuition and fees is reasonable, and is a bit about group lessons being higher fee than tutoring, or semi-private lessons.

These Days Art Classes for Tweens and Teens

Give your child the opportunity to develop as a young artist.  Ms Scholder, artist/art teacher provides individual attention to students ages 9-14 in  small classes.  Emphasis is on building a foundation in drawing, then painting, with a variety of inspiring art lessons including clay sculpting.

Student will be able to:

Draw in contour, and cross-contour

Take outline drawing drawing up to a level that involves simulating form

Paint in tempera—value studies and colour designs

“Play” with mixed media—assemblage

Hand build with clay; pieces are fired and glazed

To register, send vital information to Eliza via email or regular mail with payment by Aug. 12.

Check which day of the week your child will come to class
Wednesdays 2:30-3:30
Thursdays 2:30-3:45

First quarter Wed Aug 28 (Thu 29) until Oct 30 and 31,

with one week off: Oct 2 and 3.

Second quarter Wed Nov 6 (Thurs 7) until Wed Jan 15 (16 Thurs),

with two weeks off: Wed Dec 25-Thurs Jan 2

First quarter, 9 weeks $140

Second quarter, 9 weeks $140

Payment made for both quarters at beginning of semester: $230 (discount)

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